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Aircraft designed to be fun

For pure unadulterated fun which, after all, is why most people want to learn to fly... you need aircraft that are designed to BE fun. Aircraft that can be flown slowly enough to chase rabbits around a field yet fast enough to reach the lure and magic of far distant shores. Aircraft that are simple, yet rugged - and above all, safe.



Which is more fun to drive - a sports car or a saloon car?

It's the SPORTS car isn't it? Well it's just the same with aeroplanes. If you want to learn what real flying is all about take up SPORT aircraft first. Even if you want to move on to heavier stuff you'll be a far better pilot for having learned on SPORT aeroplanes. This is where the grass roots of flying are and in my opinion you shouldn't bypass the experience.

I speak as a flying enthusiast with over 40 years experience of powered flight. I've instructed on normal light aircraft as well as Sport aircraft so I'm not just speaking through the top of my hat. I also fly (and teach) gyroplane and I can assure you that by far the best way to enter the world of powered flight is from the pure fun end.


At present, all of our flight training is done on fixed-wing aircraft - usually the fabulous new Ikarus C42 or the Eurostar EV97.

C42 In FlightThe reason we use the fixed-wing aircraft type is because we can fly them in all but the most horrendous weather conditions. This is a great advantage if you're doing a National Private Pilot's Licence Course (NPPL) because it means that when you have your time off work we can usually go flying.

The controls on these aircraft are very light and extremely powerful so turbulent conditions aren't too much of a problem - the aircraft can cope with it and we can safely teach the pilot to do so too. This type of aircraft can also cope with very rough terrain so it's ideal for landing in unprepared fields.

For the same reason, we use these aircraft type for all our Trial Lessons. With SEVEN aircraft at our disposal and several experienced instructors we can deal with fairly large groups of people for trial lessons as well as a heavy training schedule.

People are always so enthralled and surprised at their...

... Stability      Responsiveness     Quietness    -    and the sheer FUN they've had flying them.

We get comments all the time like:

"I really had no idea they were so stable".

"I thought we'd be tossed around all over the place".

"It's so much quieter than I thought".

"This is so much more fun than light aircraft".

"This is better than sex" !