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The NPPL (National Private Pilots Licence) Course

In flightWe're a CAA-approved training facility with two in-house examiners and we've been turning out confident, safe pilots for over 30 years. You can start with a Trial Flight to see if you like it, or jump straight into your course

Our large fleet of modern, state of the art Sport aircraft are impeccably maintained, and we have a great team of experienced instructors so cancellations are rare. Even when the weather's bad, our incredibly realistic simulator helps you to refine your skills and make the most of your time in the air.

Of course, training has to be fun, too, and we'll make sure that it is. You'll finish every lesson with the same high that you got from your trial flight! All the thrills and excitement you could wish for are just waiting, and maybe just a short time from now, you will be experiencing that serene pleasure of watching the sun setting in a majestic golden sky behind distant rolling hills on a calm, warm summer evening high above the cares of this world on your very own magic carpet.

The course is very comprehensive and detailed, but it's tailored to suit your time requirements. With 45 hours or so of flying to do in total, most of our students book one or two lessons a week and finish the course over a period of about six to nine months .....this way it doesn't affect your way of life.

You'll have a set of books and documents inside a lovely carrying case. You can study these at home or attend our regular groundschool courses where you can pass the exams and in the meantime we'll take you right through the whole course to obtain your licence. Whatever the weather you can still fly using our fantastic wide-screen simulator. This is a lot cheaper than flying the aircraft but just as rewarding and sorts out those difficult bits you'll come across during your training.

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