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Our School - Why?

Why? ... It's simple ... We Are the Best!

The facilities at Popham are fantastic. Grass runways, beautiful location and easy to get to because it's close to the M3 and M4/A34. Its  only a 40 minute drive from London and we have had people come from as far away as Kent and Devon just to fly with us.

There are several other reasons you should think seriously about choosing our school. One is that we are the busiest school in the UK and another is that Popham is a very popular destination for aircraft . Now they might seem like silly statements for reasons to choose our school, but if you think about it for a moment there's some hidden factors within those statements.

GregGreg's Backside!

First Class Service:  We wouldn't be very busy if we didn't give a First Class Service to our members!

Aircraft:   We've got lots of aircraft and because we hire  you can fly in any of them. Most schools run a share scheme requiring a lump sum investment AND you're restricted to that aircraft. If someone else books it or its being maintained, no flying for you!

Instructors:  We have five really friendly and enthusiastic instructors so you're bound to find at least one that you get on with.

Maintenance:  We have SEAN!! Sean is our own full-time aircraft  engineer. He's an exceptionally talented guy and keeps the aircraft flying beautifully, as has been noted by many a visiting pilot, as well as ensuring that we have maximum availability from the fleet. Everybody needs a Sean but we're the only one that has him.

Popham Airfield: Its a great place to be - full stop - thanks to the efforts of the airfield manager Dick Richardson and his team. From a training point of view its perfect as there's enough traffic to make sure you don't freak out at your first fly-in yet quiet enough not to interfere with your progress.

We're Open 363 Days a Year

We only have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off so apart from those days we're operational seven days a week - weather permitting of course. Seventy five percent of the year is flyable so we maximise the time we are available to match yours. We're not afraid of training you in windy conditions either. Not that we'd ever permit our students to fly in unsuitable conditions, but we think it's imperative that our students are capable of handling bad conditions should they arise unexpectedly. We take safety very seriously. We don't have accidents.

Frank WavingLovely airborne scenery, especially for those flights over the Solent down to the Isle of Wight for a swim at maybe Bembridge or Sandown, or over the rolling hills of Dorset to float over the Purbecks or visit beautiful airfields like Compton Abbas...

So how much does it cost?..

Here is a summary of the current cost of training and subsequent flying.


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